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Giving Back Memories | Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is made up of a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and health care professionals, all working together for the same goal: End brain tumours. Hope and support are at the core of everything they do – whether it’s funding new and exciting research into brain tumour treatments, or bringing patients, survivors, and families closer together at our Brain Tumour Walk events and support groups. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is funded entirely through generous donations from individuals, corporations, and employee groups as well as through memorial gifts, planned giving and special events.

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Children's Miracle Network Jacksonville

Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network is dedicated to supporting children’s hospitals all across Canada. Through increasing awareness for the need of funding for children’s hospitals in Canada, they are aiming to change kids’ health. In collaboration with their generous partners, they raise funds to support local children’s hospitals all across the country.

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Mackenzie Health - Wikipedia

Mackenzie Health Foundation

The Mackenzie Health community is growing, and with it, the demand for quality health care services. Mackenzie Health Foundation is at the forefront of addressing this challenge. All support enables them to expand their facilities, add new services, and equip their medical teams to meet the health care needs of today and tomorrow.

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Hospice Vaughan | Building a Legacy for the City of Vaughan

Vaughan Hospice

Vaughan Hospice is honoured to provide the Vaughan community with care and support to those affected by the challenges of life-limiting illness. With a holistic approach at the foundation of all they do, they support those in our care physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally through their 12-bed residence, community programs and home care.

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